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Concert 'Happy New Music!', 16/01/2018


The Russian Centre for Contemporary Music in Moscow (CCMM) was formed in 1993 as an independent department in the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire. It unites all kinds of musicians whose interests are concentrated in the field of contemporary music, and plays a leading role in the development of serious contemporary music by supporting and encouraging composition, performance and research.

CCMM Activities include:

  • Monthly concerts by its core ensemble – Studio for New Music;
  • Annual international festival of contemporary music – Moscow Forum;
  • Discussions with and between Russian and foreign composers; Workshops and Lectures about latest contemporary performing techniques by well-known contemporary performers;
  • Musicological conferences;
  • Young composers' competitions and performance of pieces by young composers;
  • Collaboration with musicians, ensembles and organizations devoted to contemporary music;
  • Promotion of new Russian music at home and abroad;
  • Publication projects.

The Centre for Contemporary Music is an associate member of the ISCM.

The Centre for Contemporary Music is located within the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, just up the road from the Kremlin, in the heart of Moscow (see "Contacts").

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