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Concert 'Happy New Music!', 16/01/2018

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The Studio for New Music Moscow Ensemble is Twenty!

The 2013-2014 Anniversary Concert Season

20 Years booklet

During the 2013-2014 concert season the Studio for New Music, the most significant Russian ensemble for contemporary music, will turn 20 years old.

The most important jubilee event of the season will be the concert held by the Studio at the GREAT HALL OF THE CONSERVATORY on OCTOBER 8. That evening the ensemble under the direction of Igor Dronov will present five Russian premieres – works by composers from different countries of the world: Steve Reich (USA), Beat Furrer (Switzerland), Fausto Romitelli (Italy), Tristan Murail (France) and the founder of the ensemble, Vladimir Tarnopolski (Russia). In some of the compositions the musicians will perform together with electronics and present a contrapuntal relation with video installations.  The concert will include the participation of long-time friends and partners of the Studio – Mark Pekarsky’s Percussion Ensemble and the Moscow Conservatory Chamber Chorus.

Within the framework of the jubilee project “Vingt Regards. Dedications to the Studio for New Music”. Twenty young Russian composers are writing compositions which will be tributes to the ensemble, scheduled for performance on concerts on SEPTEMBER 25 and JANUARY 28 at the Rakhmaninov Hall of the Conservatory.

This year it would be possible not only to hear the Studio for New Music ensemble but also to see it: the present season will possess a strong theatrical slant: continuing the project NOMT (New Musical Theater), the Studio is preparing three significant theatrical productions in collaboration with the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater, the Meyerhold Theatre Centre and the NET – New European Theater festival.

At the end of November in partnership with the NET festival on the stage of the Meyerhold Center two Russian premieres will be presented together – on NOVEMBER 20 the Russian premiere of the video-opera “An Index of Metals” by the celebrated Italian composer Fausto Romitelli, who did not live up to his 50th birthday, which is being celebrated this year, and on NOVEMBER 28 the multimedia performance “chûte(s)” (Declines) with music of three French composers and a visual track from one of the most famous representatives of Italian video art Paolo Pacchini.

April 2014 will present a production of Vladimir Tarnopolski’s opera “Beyond the Shadow,” the first Russian multimedia opera [its world premiere took place at the Beethoven Festival in Bonn, 2006], which will feature the second participation of the Studio with the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater after last year’s success with the performance of Salvatore Sciarrino’s opera “Luci mie traditrici.”

The most concentrated week of the season will present the 14th Moscow Forum International Contemporary Music Festival, scheduled to take place on DECEMBER 16-20, this time devoted to Germany. Two concerts of our festival will be given by our long-time partner, the leading German contemporary music ensemble, Ensemble Modern. A special guest of the festival will be come the guru for an entire generation, composer Helmut Lachenmann.

As usual, the Studio demonstrates itself as a chronographer of the newest music from Russia and other countries: in April 2014 the Russian-Austrian festival “Erwartung” (Expectation), dedicated to a musical cognition of the tragic events which happened a hundred years ago – World War I, which became equally tragic for both countries. During the season concerts have been planned devoted to the centennial anniversary of Witold Lutoslawski (OCTOBER 15), the 85th anniversary of Edison Denisov, the 80th anniversary of Alfred Schnittke, as well as the participation of the ensemble in the program devoted to the 80th anniversary of Andrei Volkonsky (SEPTEMBER 20).

During the season the ensemble is planning to perform an additional set of concert-portraits of some of the leading composers of Russia ad other countries who will also give presentations of their compositions and master classes for students. Towards the close of 2013, on DECEMBER 28 there will be a concert of music of Faradj Karaev, honoring his 70th anniversary. The premiere of his Violin Concerto will feature the participation of the famous Swiss violinist Patricia Kopachinskaya, who began her career at the Moscow Forum festival in 1997. The Studio for New Music will also perform a set of concerts-portraits of young Russian composers. This year the Moscow Autumn festival will open with a concert of the Studio, while the Small Hall of the Philharmonic Society will present a series of subscription concerts of the ensemble, titled “Playing with the Classics.”

During the new season the Studio for New Music ensemble will continue its activities of touring other countries with programs of contemporary music: thus, in the period between September 2013 and 2014, among the concerts planned, there are those in the Oslo Opera Theater with the program titled “Russian music after Stravinsky”, a joint Russian-German project together with the Cologne Hochschule, participations in the Venice Biennale in 2014. We are continuing our cooperation with the GRAME electronic studio in Lyon, France. The year 2014 will mark the beginning of a long-term project – a series of performances in various Russian cities with an anthology of 20th century music.

Our motto is: “WE WISH TO MAKE CONTEMPORARY MUSIC ACCESSIBLE!” For this reason, all of the concerts of the Studio for New Music at the Rakhmaninov Hall of the Conservatory have FREE ADMISSION!


 The 2013-2014 Anniversary Concert Calendar

Anniversary Concert Programs


25 Sep 2013, Wednesday
Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatoire, 19:00

Dedication to Studio for New Music ensemble
Concert 1

Mark Buloshnikov       Comebacks
Nikolay Khrust           Attention!
Stanislav Makovsky    Habitat
Oleg Paiberdin           In concord
Alina Podzorova                 Rush
Natalia Prokopenko    Gemini
Anna Romashkova     Suspense 3
Alexei Sioumak          Marsh!
Fedor Sofronov         Windows
Yaroslav Sudzilovsky A Clockwork Orange

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor – Igor Dronov


8 October 2013, Tuesday
Great hall of the Moscow conservatoire, 19:00

Studio for New Music ensemble: 20 years!

Vladimir TARNOPOLSKI           Eastanbul for large ensemble (2008) Russian premiere

Tristan MURAIL                         L'Esprit des dunes for 11 instruments, electronics and video (1993-1994) Russian premiere

Beat FURRER                          Nuun for 2 pianos and ensemble (1996) Russian premiere

Fausto ROMITELLI                    An Index of Metals (fragment) (2003) Russian premiere

Steve REICH                            You are (Variations) (fragment) for amplified ensemble and voices (2004) Russian premiere

Ekaterina Kichigina, soprano
Mona Khaba, piano
Natalia Cherkasova, piano

The chamber choir of Moscow conservatory
Artistic director - Alexander Solov’yev

Mark Pekarsky Ensemble of Percussion Instruments

Studio for New Music ensemble
Conductor - Igor Dronov

As a part of Association Dialogue Franco-Russe

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

With support of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation

Ассоциация «Франко-российский диалог»     ОАО «РЖД»

Швейцарский совет по культуре «Про Гельвеция»      Swiss made


28 Jan 2014, Tuesday
Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatoire, 19:00


Dedication to Studio for New Music ensemble
Concert 2

Sanjar Baiterekov         Virga
Kuzma Bodrov             New piece
Vladimir Gorlinsky        Viola / Flute / Piano
Alexander Khubeev       New piece
Dmitri Kourliandski       New piece
Alexey Nadjarov           New piece
Sergey Nevsky             New piece
Nikolay Popov             ANF-93
Vladimir Rannev           New piece
Alexey Sysoev            Plankton Songs

Studio for New Music ensemble
Igor Dronov, conductor


Happy New Music:
Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatoire, 19:00

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