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Concert 'Happy New Music!', 16/01/2018

Studio for New Music Ensemble
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  • Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, 2013–2014

          cd coverLost Avant-Garde
    SMC CD 0159

    String Quartet "Studio for New Music":
         Stanislav Malyshev, violin I
         Inna Zilberman, violin II
         Anna Burchik, viola
         Olga Kalinova, cello

    Nikolay Roslavets. String Quartet No.3 (1920)
    Yefim Golyshev. String Trio "Zwolftondauermusik" (1914)
    Ivan Wyschnegradsky. Composition for String Quartet, op. 43 (1960)
    Dmitry Melkih. String Quartet No.1 (1927)

          cd coverYoung Composers of the Moscow Conservatory
    SMC CD 0156

    Ensemble "Studio for New Music"
    Igor Dronov, conductor (1, 4–6)
    Vladimir Gorlinsky, conductor (2, 3)

    Olga Bochikhina. From under the Cupola for chamber ensemble (2009)
    Vladimir Gorlinsky. Ultimate granular paradise for chamber ensemble and electronics (2008)
    Alexei Sysoyev. Kolyada for female voice and chamber ensemble (2013)
    Anna Romashkova. Colibri for chamber ensemble (2010)
    Alexei Sioumak. Illusion of a Concerto for Piano and Chamber Ensemble (2006)
    Natalia Prokopenko. Niflheim for chamber ensemble (2013)

    Comment on CD

          cd coverRussian Composers of The XXI Century
    SMC CD 0146

    Studio for New Music ensemble
    Svetlana Savenko, soprano
    Igor Dronov, conductor

    Vladimir Tarnopolski` (b. 1955)
    Chevengur for voice and ensemble, text by Andrey Platonov (2001)

    Faradj Karaev (b. 1943)
    Drei bagatellen for piano and five instruments (2003)

    Yury Vorontsov (b. 1952)
    Buffatore for ensemble (2011)

    Alexander Wustin (b. 1943)
    Credo for ensemble (2004)

    Yury Kasparov (b. 1955)
    Dedication to Honegger for nine performers (2005)

    → Disc info at The Moscow Conservatory website…

          cd coverYury Vorontsov. Selected Works
    SMC CD 0141


    Studio for New Music ensemble
    Igor Dronov, conductor

    → Disc info at The Moscow Conservatory website…

          cd coverLeonid Bobylev. Selected Works
    SMC CD 0142

    Ritournelles (1989)
    Poco a poco (2001)
    From Mandelstam (1978)
    Post auditum (1996)
    Unfinished Bagatelles (2009)

    Oleg Tantsov, clarinet
    Olga Galochkina, cello
    Elena Dimitriu-Vasilieva, soprano
    Yulia Ryabova, piano
    Mona Haba, piano

    Studio for New Music ensemble
    Igor Dronov, conductor

    Live in Rakhmaninov Hall of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory
    December 12, 2009

    → Disc info at The Moscow Conservatory website…

  • Rugginenti Editore, Italy

          cd coverRhapsody 21. Music by Giuseppe Giuliano
    RUS 558172.2, 2009.

    5. it is the final Gestalt of the imagination

    Ensemble Studio For New Music. Dir. Igor Dronov

          cd coverEssence Of Morality. Music by Lee Johnson
    JAM-0640-CD, 2007.

    INFINITUDE: Symphony no.7
    For piano quintet, soprano and narrator

    President Jimmy Carter — narrator
    Sewell Griffith — soprano
    Ensemble Studio For New Music, Moscow

  • Albany Records, USA

          cd coverSpirals. American Music in Moscow
    Albany Records U.S., 2009.

    Ching-Chu Hu. The Swash of Water and Red (2008) (20'20)
    Stanislav Malyshev (violin)
    Inna Zilberman (violin)
    Anna Burchik (viola)
    Olga Kalinova (cello)

    Luke Dahn. Penumbrae (2008) (10'53)
    Oleg Tantsov (clarinet)
    Mona Haba (piano)
    Stanislav Malyshev (violin)
    Ekaterina Markova (viola)
    Olga Galochkina (violoncello)
    Igor Dronov (conductor)

    David K. Gompper. Spirals (2007) (19'27)
    Mona Haba (piano)
    Stanislav Malyshev (violin)
    Ekaterina Markova (viola)

    David K. Gompper. Crossed (2003, rev.2007) (10'06)
    Sergey Kolesov (saxophone)
    Mona Haba (piano)
    Stanislav Malyshev (violin)

    Joseph Dangerfild. Piano Quintet (2007) (9'54)
    Stanislav Malyshev (violin)
    Inna Zilberman (violin)
    Anna Burchik (viola)
    Olga Kalinova (cello)
    Mona Haba (piano)
    Igor Dronov (conductor)

    Mark Kilstofte. Ballistic Etude 3.1 (2008) (7'20)
    Marina Rubinstein (flute)
    Oleg Tantsov (clarinet)
    Andrey Vinnitsky (percussion)
    Mona Haba (piano)
    Olga Galochkina (violoncello)
    Igor Dronov (conductor)

    → order at Amazon.com…

  • Albany Records, USA

          cd coverViva Concertante! Music by Americans
    Albany Records U.S., 2009.

    Joseph Dangerfild. Winter Rites (17'15)
    Olga Galochkina (violoncello)
    Moscow Conservatory Studio for New Music
    Igor Dronov (conductor)

    → order at Amazon.com…

  • Art Classics, Russia

          cd coverAlexey Sioumak. Messages Without Words
    Artel «Vostochny Veter» Ltd., Art Classics series

    Aria for chamber ensemble
    Messages Without Words for chamber ensemble
    Polka for violin, clarinet, cello, and piano
    CL.AIR for solo clarinet
    Rhymes for chamber ensemble
    Cadenza for string quartet
    Diploma for symphony orchestra
    soloist: Mikhail Beznosov (4)

    → order at Ozon.ru…

  • Albany Records, USA

          cd coverButterfly Dance. Music by Americans
    Albany Records U.S.

    David Gompper. Butterfly Dance (2001)
    Noel Zahler. Trio for violin, cello and piano (1984)
    Marilyn Shrude. Secrets (2004)
    Joseph Dangerfield. The waves roll on, thundering and shimmering (2005)
    George Crumb. Vox Balaenae (1971)
    soloists: Marina Rubinstein, Pavel Dombrovsky, Ilya Rubinstein

    → order at Amazon.com…

  • Series An Introduction to...
    Megadisc Classics, Belgium

    001 cd coverFaradj Karajev (Azerbaidjan) – MDC 7852

    A Crumb of Music for George Crumb
    Klange einer traurigen Nacht


    → order at Amazon.com…

    003 cd coverAlexander Wustin (Russia) – MDC 7849

    Word for Wind and Percussion
    Heroic Lullaby for ensemble
    Beati Pauperes for Voice and ensemble
    Devotation for the Son for Flute and ensemble
    Music for the Ten for ensemble 

    → order at Amazon.com…

    004 cd coverVladimir Tarnopolski (Russia) – MDC 7838

    Kassandra for large ensemble 
    Jesu, Your Deep Wounds for large ensemble

    → order at Amazon.com…

    006 cd coverElena Firsova (Russia/Grate Britain) – MDC 7816

    The Mandelstam Cantatas:
    Forest Walks
    Before the Thunderstorm
    Earthly Life
    soloist – Ekaterina Kichigina, sopano

    → order at Amazon.com…

    005 cd coverTigran Mansurian (Armenia/Germany) – MDC 7839

    Capriccio for cello solo
    5 bagatellen for piano trio
    2 Madrigals for Soprano and ensemble
    Shadow of the Sash for ensemble 

    → order at Amazon.com…

    002 cd coverPatrick de Clerck (Belgium) – MDC 7847

    Canto I for Soprano end ensemble
    Canto II for Soprano and ensemble
    Canto III for Piano and Percussion 
    Canto D'Angelo for Bariton and ensemble

    → order at Amazon.com…


Happy New Music:
Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow conservatoire, 19:00

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